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3/21/18 Wednesday

MLB Pitcher gets revenge on a Bull, Drunk stories, D pic etiquette, Nard Liquid game and more!!!


3/20/18 Tuesday

Who said it game, Reason for man boobs, Fattening up your partner, Struggling to get an erection and more!!!


3/19/18 Monday

Julian wants advice on threesomes, Snuggies, Bad Netflix and Chill stories, Tattle tales, Guy gets caught in the car with his sidechick and more!!!!


3/16/18 Friday

Some crazy stuff went down on this Friday edition of The Billy Madison Show.


03/15/18 Thursday

Short Show. Only an Hour long!!!


03/14/18 Wednesday

Great Show. I forget the details.


03/13/18 Tuesday

Katy Perry, Ex's at your wedding, Butt Chugg, Revenge stories and more!!!!


03/12/18 Monday

Billy hates day light savings, Oj Simpson confession, Billy finally proved right about girls shaving each other, Male fart porn, Girls really are terrible drivers and more!!!!


03/09/18 Friday

I can't remember but I do know that we definitely had girls in studio


03/08/18 Thursday

Cash me Oustside, Nard Accent game, Dong Temple, Kissin Cousins, Tom Lee Knocked out by son and more!!!!


03/07/18 Wednesday

5 ways to boost your sex life, Do you have a smelly co worker? Men are starting to wear makeup, Fart fans and more!!!!!


03/06/18 Tuesday

Food or women? The Nard all better game, Dad makes bully son run to school, Police Chief caught smoking weed, Callers do impressions of everyone on the show and more!!!!!


03/05/18 Monday

Oscar Talk, Billy watched an awful movie, New Status Animal, Bacon Causes Cancer, Yoga to replace detention, Nard almost dies and more!!!!


03/02/18 Friday

Nard watches pimple pooping videos, Babymama ever hit you? Jeff Jarrett live in studio and more!!!!



Ever been pooped on? Deleting social media posts, Does the meth diet work? Nard's 7 second game and more!!!!


02/28/18 Wednesday

Porn house, Amy Shuchmer blowjob vows, I wanna hang with billy and more!!!


02/27/18 Tuesday

Ryan Seacrest, Die of a broken heart, Id like to hang out with derek but, Phone to the balls, FB live murder and more!!!


02/26/18 Monday

Teacher in trouble recording a fight, Young people are fat, Bad sex habits, Guy with 2 weiners, Worst gift ever and more!!!


02/23/18 Friday

We had a great show


02/22/18 Thursday

How did you learn about sex, Boy lays an egg, Have you been banned somewhere, #IagreeWithDerek and more!!!

100 items
Results 21 - 40 of 100 < previous next >