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4/18/18 Wednesday

Big Lady covered in Ketchup, Kylie Jennar being Mom shamed, Porn is demonic, People that like to be rude and more!!!


4/17/18 Tuesday

Billy's hot water heater, John Cena breaks up over kids, Twerking while giving CPR, Bed Beats and more!!!


04/16/18 Monday

Tucson Trip, Agressive Tinder profiles, Weatherman goes in on Co Workers, Nipple play and more!!!!


04/13/18 Friday

Incest, Oscar Del la hoya Kitchen Utensils, Cancer lady wants some D, Dustin Ybarra in studio and more!!!


04/12/18 Thursday

I can't remember what went down on Thursday's show


04/11/18 Wednesday

Tristan Thompson cheated, Duck tries to avenge his friends death, Sword attack, Guys crying after getting cheated on, Bats vs Guns, Friend zone, Netflix releases saddest movie ever and more!!!!!


04/10/18 Tuesday

Cocaine flew into purse, Affair prove your marriage, Pregnant at the worst time, Dog hits on a horse and more!!!!


04/09/18 Monday

Wrestlemania, Fight with a pizza, Ex still haunts you, Dad kicks son out over PS4, Raised by wolves and more!!!!


04/06/18 Friday

Conor McGregor, Dating apps, Queen Of Divorce, I have a question, Bert Kreichser in studio and more!!!!


04/05/18 Thursday

Woman sets Ex on fire, 78 year old stabs home intruder, Steve Harvey, Is your sex style outta date and more!!!


04/04/18 Wednesday

Billy's phone is microwaving his brain, Sidechick called out, Guy pays money to get out of a fight, Mom tries to get son to go to church and more!!!


04/03/18 Tuesday

Recap of DNA results, Channing Tatum, Disney Cruise, Can you top this, Reason you got dumped, Condom challenge and more!!!!


04/02/18 Monday

Our Social media guy is a dick, Men are crying now more than ever, Meat Gazing, DNA Results and more!!!


03/30/18 Friday

Twitch Talk, Sex before you go out, Blowjob in Court, Tattooing a baby, Attacked with an object, Derek Apology and more!!!!


03/29/18 Thursday

I was out sick so I'm not sure what happened - Derek


03/28/18 Wednesday

Alligator baby gender reveal party, Wife caught husband wearing her clothes, Proposal weight, Mail order bride, Dirty talk and more!!!!


03/27/18 Tuesday

Stormy Daniels, Racist Mom, Nurse sex, Dirty Delete, Butt Cancer, Worst Songs to sing while driving and more!!!


03/26/18 Monday

Stormy Daniels, Is it ok to squeeze another man's testicles during a fight? Twerking gone wrong, High while you drive and more!!!!


03/23/18 Friday

Queen Of Divorce, What would you tell your 25 year old self, McSecrets, Micro-Cheating, Final Fornication and more!!!!


03/22/18 Thursday

Stormy Daniels, How women ruin everything, Nard Fruit game, 7 year itch and more!!!

100 items
Results 1 - 20 of 100 next >