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  • 8/18/16 Thursday

    Nard does his honkey of the day, guys excuses to cheat, guys and girls biggest turn offs, and more

  • 8/17/16 Wednesday

    Being sexually harassed at work, girls who have accidental orgasms, type of underwear women prefer on men, and more

  • 8/16/16 Tuesday

    Girls getting revenge by way of sex, snooping through your spouse's phone and finding something, cup a fart or alone time to your friend's picture, and more

  • 8/15/16 Monday

    Daniel and Felix are struggling, guys who keep secrets from their wives, banging multiple members of the same family, and more

  • 8/12/16 Friday

    Bikini Olympics, and more

  • 8/11/16 Thursday

    Girls who wanna get pregnant, lies your mother told you, men are weaker than they were 35 years ago, doing something cruel to your siblings, and more

  • 8/10/16 Wednesday

    Nard has white privilege, POTUS daughter smokes weed and it's no big deal, listener does not know if she should tell fiance kid is not hers, and more

  • 8/9/16 Tuesday

    No one wants to be Nard for a day, having a weird fetish, girls and guys who have strict rules for each other, and more

  • 8/8/16 Monday

    Nard gets a trump tattoo, mystery cake, having sex during pregnancy, and more

  • 8/5/16 Friday

    Booty Olympics, Daniel gets a tramp stamp, and more

  • 8/4/16 Thursday

    Nard can't put a bike together, Mel Gibson grunts a lot in his films, secrets you wish to tell your spouse but you can't, and more

  • 8/3/16 Wednesday

    Phone interview with guy who pays child support for kid that is not his, Trump wants to ban tampons, people who hate crying babies, girl who stuffed a balloon 34 inches in her throat, and more

  • 8/2/16 Tuesday

    Dude has to pay child support for a kid that isn't his, interview with lady who uses hypnosis on her children, drones being used as peeping toms, and more

  • 7/29/16 Friday

    Spank a hot girl friday, and more

  • 7/28/16 Thursday

    Billy gets in his feelings about ratings, top 20 google searches, letting other people disciplining your kids, would you save your mom or spouse, and more

  • 7/27/16 Wednesday

    Nard is prejudice against fat people, girls having a special name for their alone time, guy has 3 wives and says it has helped his marriage, disturbing friends game, and more

  • 7/26/16 Tuesday

    Badass or suckass, wonder woman trivia game, people who cheat in the month of July, and more

  • 7/25/16 Monday

    Faking urine samples for other people, what girls check out about a guy first, Billy roast day, and more

  • 7/21/16 Thursday

    Dr. A in studio, girls lying about being on birth control, brand new dead beat dad call, coyote ugly girls stop by, and more

  • 7/20/16 Wednesday

    NBA players talk about sliding into DM's Dr. Jeneby live in studio, reasons why are girls are ratchet, and more

40 items
Results 1 - 20 of 40next >
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