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  • 4/28/16/ Thursday

    Being cheated on and being the winner, girls having crew love, Felix is pathetic, getting waxed and more

  • 4/27/16 Wednesday

    Man films himself to call out Target in the bathroom. burglar sues a homeowner, hoe ghost stories, and more

  • 4/26/16 Tuesday

    Tom Brady suspension upheld, being an attention whore, roasting bit, and more

  • 4/25/16 Monday

    Johnny Manziel indicted, girls who like taller guys, hack a loogie spelling bee, and more

  • 4/22/16 Friday

    Spank a hot girl Friday and more

  • 4/21/16 Thursday

    Chyna passes away, Dr. Alvarado in the studio, things about your partner that won't change, girls being in open relationships, and more

  • 4/20/16 Wednesday

    Felix drops a bombshell, girls doing embarrassing things during pregnant sex, women addicted to sex, bong water drinking game, and more

  • 4/19/16 Tuesday

    Equipment malfunction starts the show off rough, badass or suckass, girls who never fart in front of their dudes, and more

  • 4/15/16 Friday

    Spank a hot girl Friday and more

  • 4/14/16 Thursday

    Warriors break the record, Kobe scores 60 in finale, Nick "The Reaper" Irving live in studio, parents let their kids wear a dress, and more

  • 4/13/16 Wednesday

    Gene Simmons live in studio and more

  • 4/12/16 Tuesday

    Caitlyn Jenner fakes orgasm, Iggy Azalea threatens Nick Young, impromptu interview with instagram model who got Dm from King James, badass or suckass, and more

  • 4/11/16 Monday

    Major collapse in golf, men assume sex if they meet on tinder, pantie wearing bit, and more

  • 4/7/16 Thursday

    Tribute to country legend Merle Haggard, badass or suckass, Shawn Hernandez live in studio, and more

  • 4/6/16 Wednesday

    Women climax differently than men, women who micromanage their men, porn ruining millennials, and more

  • 4/5/16 Tuesday

    Anniversary of Kurt Cobain suicide, average length of sex session, women are more shallow than men, badass or suckass, and more

  • 4/4/16 Monday

    Girl posted her deadly crash on social media, Wrestlemania and The Walking Dead recap, being ghosted, defending your wife, and more

  • 4/1/16 Friday

    Spank a hot girl Friday, and more

  • 3/31/16 Thursday

    Morning after bit with two new callers, making things up about Nard, white people game, and more

  • 3/30/16 Wednesday

    Donald Trump campaign manager in trouble?, guy drove six miles with wife on car roof, having a F'd up family, and more

40 items
Results 1 - 20 of 40next >
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