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12/5/17 Tuesday

We lost our station in Seattle, Sex toys in the bedroom, Russian model being foot shamed


12/4/17 Monday

Do you keep a sex toy in the office, Sheriff will no longer give hugs, Mom jailed for cussing at son and more!!!!


12/01/17 Friday

Derek gets his nipples from his mom, People prefer having female bosses, Nard Game and more!!!


11/30/17 Thursday

Social media trouble, Current lover is bad because ______, Mechanic fights customer, Girl nails boobs to a board, Jay-Z crying and more!!!!!


11/29/17 Wednesday

Matt Lauer fired, Peta Chicken statue, Dildo found by DaD, Man tries to rob a gas station with lotion, Nard Catchphrase game and more!!!!


11/28/17 Tuesday

Billy is the King Of Laundry, OCD means you are a racist, What men should wear, Nard Hundredaire game and more!!!


11/27/17 Monday

Back from Vacation, Did you bang at your relatives, Billy got his CHL, North Korea Relationships, Can you be sued for ruining a marriage and more!!!!


11/17/17 Friday

Last show before Thanksgiving Vacation!!!


11/16/17 Thursday

Country Music Talk, 2 million for virginity, Weird support animals, Certain sex positions based on weight, Ever creep somebody out and more!!!


11/15/17 Wednesday

Nard blows his wifes birthday, Mom burns son, Tips on having sex on a plane, Nard quiz and more!!!!


11/14/17 Tuesday

Fanny packs, Christmas is canceled for kids, Grown man crying over a tow, Girls don't get CPR, Nard Clues and more!!!


11/13/17 Monday

Party recap, Lady has fat breast milk, Biggest porky you told, Vaping out of a girl's butt, Derek's girl calls in and more!!


11/10/17 Friday

Packed show. Lots of in studio guests including Dumbass Daniel


11/09/17 Thursday

Green Ranger wants to fight, Nard attacks everyone, Everett in studio, Price is right game and more!!!


11/8/17 Wednesday

It's like the view, Except with women.


11/6/17 Monday

A terrible tragedy happened in Sutherland Springs,TX where at least 27 people lost their lives. We spent the majority of the morning grieving with our community.


11/7/17 Tuesday

Fat is the new normal, Sexting while married, Roaching, Guy thinks he found his wife on a sex tape and more!!!


11/03/17 Friday

This podcast allows you to listen to The Billy Madison Show which aired live on Friday November 3rd 2017 and more!!!!


11/02/17 Thursday

Farrah Abraham cam show, Gay chicken call, Ask the Nard, Flashing stories and more!!!


11/01/17 Wednesday

Day after Halloween, It was Lit.

100 items
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