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01/18/18 Thursday

Cuddle party gets weird, Facebook selfie leads to murder conviction, Taking your wife's last name and more!!!


01/17/18 Wednesday

Masculinity under attack, Did you get pregnant just to collect a check, Wedding farts, #1 search term on porn sites for girls and more!!!


Tuesday 1/16/18

Nard is not a man, Guy calls in and wants to know if he's a deadbeat, Contraceptive app, Face-timing while naked, Tide pod challenge and more!!!!


Monday 1/15/18

MLK Day so you know a bunch of crazy shit went down.


Friday 1/12/18

Billy and his robot, Felix Email, Girl wants to change her kids, Does spanking your kid making them fat, Intense Truth or Dare and more!!!!


1/11/18 Thursday

Studio cameras were stolen, German playboy reboot, James Franco scandal, How to win every argument and more!!!


1/10/18 Wednesday

Stan lee accusations, Nursing home calls, Frank wants his wife to dress like a mom, Lady shoots husband on the toilet and more!!!


01/09/18 Tuesday

Call of duty, Kirk Douglas Audio, Nard vs Rattle Snake, Ultra trick and more!!


01/08/18 Monday

Oprah running for President, Cheating while pregnant, Preacher rips girls with multiple baby daddies, Woman makes 200k a year insulting men and more!!!


01/05/18 Friday

Billy is sick, Derek is late, Queen of divorce, Warren has beef with his friend and more!!!


01/04/18 Thursday

Bill had a bad day, Logan Paul is in deep shit, Jesse calls in asking for advice, 15 ways to tell your man he's not the dad and more!!!


01/03/18 Wednesday

Nude vacations, Did you think you were gonna get proposed to? Confessions with Bill, Gangsta trivia with Nard and more!!!!


12/14/17 Thursday

Having kids in your 20's is dumb, Gary Spivey helps Nard and more!!


12/13/17 Wednesday

Everybody is attacking Keaton Jones, Nard is the worst story teller of all time, Derek is not dead and more!!!


12/12/17 Tuesday

I was sick so I'm not sure what they did -Derek


12/11/17 Monday

Nard cut his own hair, Worst sunburn of all time, Sex is better than ______, Dumbass Daniel got dumped and more!!!


12/08/17 Friday

Robert Kelly live in studio!!


12/7/17 Thursday

Cry room, Man begs a woman not to leave him, Sarah got pregnant by a loser, Do you hate weddings and more!!!


12/6/17 Wednesday

Funny show, I just forget what the topics were exactly but I do know I laughed.


12/4/17 Monday

Show filled with laughter to be had by all.

100 items
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