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Man's friend returns wrong dog after responding to post about missing pug

An Australian man said he came home to find a dog that wasn't his after spreading the word about his missing pug.

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Luke Neville said he was eating breakfast with his brother, when he realized his dog "must have snuck out" the open front door. 

Neville told Buzzfeed News that he and his brother searched for the pug, Bella, for hours. They asked neighbors and people in the area to keep a lookout for the missing dog in the hopes that she'd be returned to their home soon. Neville posted a photo of Bella on his Facebook page Saturday, asking for help finding her. 

Currently missing Pug, if anyone has seen Bella around Culburra beach please let me knowPosted by Luke Neville on Saturday, October 1, 2016

A friend of Neville who heard about Bella's disappearance saw a sign advertising a lost dog that had been found and got in contact with the people holding it. When he found out the found dog was a pug, he went to pick it up, assuming it was Bella. 

The friend dropped the dog off at Neville's house. 

"I got home from a search, (and) I thought it was Bella back home, so I started patting her before realizing something was off," Neville said.

The dog wasn't Bella. 

Neville contacted the local council ranger, who told him that there was a pug at the pound that matched Bella's description, but he had to wait until the next day to pick up his dog.


But he still had to care for the other dog for the night. He named it Not-Bella.

According to Buzzfeed, Neville checked local pet listings and learned that a family reported another pug as having gone missing that day. He assumed Not-Bella was the missing pug.

The family eventually met up with Neville and claimed Not-Bella, which turned out to be its missing dog, and ultimately, Neville was reunited with Bella.

Win a pug lose a pugPosted by Luke Neville on Saturday, October 1, 2016

See more at Buzzfeed News.

Pug saves family from fire, earns hometown hero award

An 11-year-old pug in Idaho is being hailed as a hometown hero after saving his family from a house fire.

Jaxson’s family said the pug barked in a different way than normal on Aug. 29, according to KBOI. When owner Todd Lavoie went to investigate, he saw sparks coming from an electrical outlet. A small fire started, which Lavoie was able to put out with a fire extinguisher.

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The Meridian Fire Department arrived to inspect the house and credited the alert pooch with sparing the family any significant property damage.

On Tuesday, Jaxson became the first animal to receive the town’s Hometown Hero Award. He also received a special firefighter badge.

Jaxson the pug became the first pet in Meridian history to receive the Hometown Hero award tonight! Jaxson helped alert...Posted by City of Meridian, Idaho - Government on Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Istanbul's beloved laid-back cat dies, honored with statue

Tombili was a well-known and much loved cat, often found lounging on the streets of a neighborhood in Istanbul, Turkey.

A photo of the chubby cat striking a relaxed pose made its way to the Internet and quickly showed up in memes.

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Tombili died on Aug. 1, according to Anadolu Kedisi of the Anatolian Cat Project. A petition to honor the beloved feline was signed by over 17,000 supporters. Artist Seval Şahin created a bronze sculpture that captured Tombili’s serene spirit. The statue was unveiled at a ceremony on Oct. 4, World Pet Day.

The opening ceremony will be held on October 4th at 13:00 o'clock.#AnatolianCat #TombiliPosted by Anadolu Kedisi on Monday, October 3, 2016

#TombiliÖlümsüzdür #TombiliForever#AnadoluKedisi #AnatolianCat #Tombili by Anadolu Kedisi on Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Florida family's dog mistakenly euthanized at shelter

A Florida family lost their dog after an error with his microchip led to the animal being mistakenly euthanized after he broke out of their yard.

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WFTS reported that Lefty, a beagle with sight and hearing problems who belonged to Kristi Durham and her family, broke through a fence on Thursday at their Auburndale area home and was lost. Durham and her husband called three different shelters and posted on lost pet Facebook pages, but learned the bad news on Friday when they checked with a shelter that had euthanized the dog.

"This was not a healthy animal," said Carrie Horstman, a spokesperson for the Polk County Sheriff's Office, which runs Animal Control. "This was not an animal (the veterinarian) felt would benefit from any sort of medical help or attention. She felt it was in the dog's best interest to be euthanized."

"It's heartbreaking, and nothing's ever going to bring my baby back," Durham told WFTS.

According to Polk County animal control, Lefty wasn't initially in the shelter when the owners contacted it on Thursday, and the dog had an invalid phone number when the shelter scanned his microchip when was brought in. WFTS reported that a few of the digits in the number had been mixed up and hadn’t been updated since the family moved to Auburndale in August.

Because of Lefty’s health problems, the shelter vet decided to put him down, WFTS said. "It was just the perfect storm, and it's very sad. We feel terrible for this pet owner. She's welcome to come to animal control and we'll give her a pet for free. We certainly don't want this to ever happen again," said Carrie Horstman, public information officer for the Polk County Sheriff's Office.

24PetWatch, the company with which Lefty's microchip was registered, issued a statement.

"We ... send quarterly emails to pet owners reminding them of the status of their microchip account and encouraging them to confirm that all information is correct," it read. "We also do periodic checks with the National Change of Address registry to try to identify any pet owners that may have new contact information and ask them to contact us if we see a discrepancy in the data."

Read more at WFTS.

WATCH: Bald eagles ring in nesting season with epic battle

The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission posted a Facebook video of two bald eagles beginning nesting season with an epic battle.

<script>(function(d, s, id) {</span><br /><span>  var js, fjs = d.getElementsByTagName(s)[0];</span><br /><span>  if (d.getElementById(id)) return;</span><br /><span>  js = d.createElement(s); = id;</span><br /><span>  js.src = "//;version=v2.7";</span><br /><span>  fjs.parentNode.insertBefore(js, fjs);</span><br /><span>}(document, 'script', 'facebook-jssdk'));</script>Welcome to nesting season!Welcome to nesting season! An intense air battle between two bald eagles turned into an on-the-ground wrestling match when these massive birds of prey fell from the sky. ... Posted by MyFWC on Monday, October 3, 2016

>> Watch the video here

The two birds engaged in an air battle before they took the wrestling match to the ground.

According to the FWC, the birds remained in a standoff, locked talon-to-talon, for about two to three hours.

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This bald eagle match took place at a golf course in Belle Glade.

Nesting season began Oct. 1, and the FWC said the territorial animals will fight until the end to protect their nests.

New Hampshire hotel's supersized cat a big draw

Guests at Best Western Silver Fox Inn in New Hampshire can't miss one of the property's star attractions.

Logan, an 8-year-old tabby weighing 31 pounds, has become an internet star after guests posted photos and video of the massive cat on social media.

But while some find the fat cat adorable, others have accused the owner of animal cruelty for letting her cat get so overweight.

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Owners Susan and Tor Brunvand told The Associated Press that they adopted Logan six years ago and he was a normal weight when they got him from a local shelter. At the hotel, he took to licking the bowls of the couple’s other cats and sneaking into a stash of cat food. He slowly put on weight.

The couple says that the cat has been taken to a veterinarian for blood tests but nothing abnormal was found. His excess weight is believed to be tied to a slow metabolism.

Susan Brunvand insists that Logan is a happy and easygoing cat, calling him her “little chubby boy, my little bear."

Another large cat has become an internet sensation recently. Samson weighs 28 pounds, but he is a Maine Coon, a breed known for being naturally large. His veterinarian has given him a clean bill of health.

WE SAW THE FATTEST CAT!!!! C R A Z Y@ Best Western Silver Fox InnPosted by Patis Soriano on Friday, September 23, 2016

Judge extends suspension of Montreal's pit bull ban

UPDATE 10.6.16: Montreal's controversial pit bull ban has been suspended until a final court ruling is issued. Quebec Superior Court Justice Louis Gouin extended the suspension of the law on Wednesday, until a legal challenge from the SPCA is heard, according to the CBC. The judge earlier this week expressed concerns over the vague language in the law. The city of Montreal stands by the law and is ready to defend it in court.

Read the original story below.

Montreal, Quebec, is officially banning pit bulls.

Officials voted 37-23 in favor of the controversial law on Tuesday.

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Under the bylaw, pit bulls cannot enter any of the 19 Montreal boroughs, and those that are already in the city must be muzzled in public, sterilized and microchipped. Owners will have to be screened for a criminal record and acquire a special permit, The Huffington Post reported. Those who don't adhere to the rules risk having their dogs euthanized.

"We're balanced enough to say that those who already have a dog will be able to keep them under conditions," Mayor Denis Coderre said about the law.

The law comes after a 55-year-old woman was killed in her backyard by a pit bull in June.

Coderre said the law was drafted with safety in mind.

"My duty as mayor of Montreal is making sure I am working for all Montrealers," Coderre said. "And I am there to make sure they feel safe and that they are safe."

The Montreal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals previously said it would stop providing dog services to the city if the ban was approved, and opponents to the law have said they will fight it.

"If the city of Montreal truly wanted to ensure public safety, it would not have forced a rushed adoption of controversial legislation, which is unfair, unenforceable, and, most importantly, ineffective," the animal protection agency said.

Councilman Guillaume Lavoie called the legislation "problematic."

"We have an administration that's moving away from evidence-based policy-making and entering the fray of politics-led evidence-making," Lavoie said.

Under the law, a pit bull is defined as Staffordshire bull terriers, American pit bull terriers. American Staffordshire terriers, any dog with a mix of the three breeds and any dog that presents characteristics of one of those breeds, CBC News reported.

An amendment to the bylaw made Tuesday morning clarified that a pit bull's license can be transferred to another person living with an owner if the owner dies. A direct family member or a spouse can also assume responsibility of the dog in the case of its owner's death. The amendment addressed concerns that in the event of a pit bull's owner's death, the pit bull would be euthanized. 

Read more at CBC News.

Firefighters rescue dog stuck at bottom of well

A yellow Labrador Retriever stepped into some big trouble Monday afternoon in Henry County, Georgia.

The dog fell forty feet into a well.

The 10-year old lab is named Bama.

"One of the neighbors, when they pulled him up and saw it was Bama---came right over here to tell me. So I didn't even know it until they had already gotten him out,” his owner James House said.

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House says his dog sometimes strolls along Antioch Road to visit the neighbors, but one of those neighbors was working on his well and had the cap off.

House says Bama is nearly blind, and never saw the hole.  

Henry County Animal Control and the fire department worked for three hours to get him out. 

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They first got a rope around the dog, then pumped in oxygen, then sent a firefighter down the hole.

"We have special monitors that read oxygen levels.  Of course, any time before we introduce a rescuer into that situation we make sure we circulate that air to create a better, oxygen-rich environment,” Captain Michael Black said.

Rescuers got Bama out, and he’s just fine.  "I know it must have been scary for him.  Brought him home and hugged him---mud and all,” James House said.

Video: Horse pulls wakeboarder across ditch in Florida

A man from Palatka posted an Instagram video of himself being pulled by a horse on a wakeboard.

In the video that has over 14 million views to date, Jett Counts is seen shredding some water in a ditch while being pulled by a galloping horse. 

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After the horse, ridden by Counts' brother, reaches full speed, Counts said "How fast we going?" to the person riding in the car recording the film.

The man replied, "20!"

Posted by Jody Coe on Thursday, September 22, 2016

Woman stabbed by her dog, no one believes her

A Colorado woman had a difficult time convincing hospital staff and police that the gash on her arm was the result of her dog stabbing her.

Celinda Haynes told 7News Denver that the bizarre incident happened Wednesday. Her 1-and-a-half year old Chesapeake Bay retriever, Maya, has a habit of grabbing stuff off counters to play with. While in the kitchen, Maya grabbed a paring knife. Haynes tried to get the dog to let go of the knife, but Maya was stubborn, so Haynes placed treats on the ground to distract her. In the dog’s excitement, she reached over with the knife still in her mouth, slashing Haynes’ arm as she dove for the treats.

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Haynes suffered a forearm wound approximately 4 to 5 inches long and a quarter of an inch wide, which required several stitches. She sought treatment at a nearby hospital, but when she explained how the stab wound occurred, she was met with disbelief. Authorities were called to the hospital and then dispatched to her home to investigate what they suspected was a case of domestic violence.

In the meantime, Haynes’ husband, who had been at the DMV when the incident occurred, arrived home to find a “bloodbath” in the kitchen. Authorities then realized that Haynes had been telling the truth all along, as hard as it was to believe.

[Editor’s note: 7News Denver spells the dog’s name as Mia, but according to the owner’s Facebook post, the dog’s name is spelled Maya.]

Posted by Celinda Haynes on Thursday, September 15, 2016

200 items
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