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After surviving a rare birth defect, baby has sweetest reaction to seeing first snow

A baby girl’s reaction to seeing her first snowfall has gone viral.

Clara Ray was born with numerous physical problems, including two holes in her heart. When she was just 6 days old, doctors performed open-heart surgery on the newborn.

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Despite the setbacks, Clara survived and is now 5 months old. Her mother, Johanna Morton, posted photos to Facebook showing Clara’s reaction to seeing her first snow while celebrating Thanksgiving in Cornwallville, New York.

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“She was, like, mesmerized,” Morton told Inside Edition. “She just kept smiling.”

Doctors aren’t sure how long Clara has to live. They told her family to enjoy every day they have with her.

>> See the viral photos below

<script>(function(d, s, id) {   var js, fjs = d.getElementsByTagName(s)[0];   if (d.getElementById(id)) return;   js = d.createElement(s); = id;   js.src = "//;version=v2.8";   fjs.parentNode.insertBefore(js, fjs); }(document, 'script', 'facebook-jssdk'));</script> "Good morning, Family. ☀️️I woke up to my  first snow fall and I love it! 🌨Mommy and daddy are going to have to get me a...Posted by Prayers for Clara Ray on Sunday, November 20, 2016

Florida boy calls 911, invites deputies to Thanksgiving dinner

A boy named Billy from Walton County, Florida, called 911 to invite deputies to Thanksgiving dinner – and put a smile on everyone’s faces as a result.

The Walton County Sheriff’s Office, while it doesn't encourage this use of 911 in the future, was pleased to take Billy's call.

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“With all the bad calls we take on a daily basis, this one was a welcomed happy call that made all of us smile,” Lead Communications Officer Monica Webster said.

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Billy got a visit from deputies Damon Byrd and Aaron Etheridge, a cool picture behind the wheel of a police car and a sheriff’s badge.Read more here.

>> Check out the Facebook post here

BOY CALLS 911 TO INVITE WCSO FOR THANKSGIVING DINNER A little boy melted all the hearts in Walton County Sheriff's...Posted by Walton County Sheriff, Michael A. Adkinson, Jr. on Thursday, November 24, 2016

(H/t NYDN)

FBI clears Brad Pitt in child abuse investigation

Nicole Moschella contributed to this report.

Brad Pitt will not face any charges after the FBI closed an investigation into allegations that he lost his temper in front of one or more of his children on a private plane on Sept. 14, according to an FBI spokeswoman.

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The Los Angeles County Department of Children and Family Services cleared Pitt of the allegations earlier this month.

"In response to allegations made following a flight within the special aircraft jurisdiction of the United States which landed in Los Angeles carrying Mr. Brad Pitt and his children, the FBI has conducted a review of the circumstances and will not pursue further investigation," Laura Eimiller, a spokeswoman for the FBI's Los Angeles field office, said Tuesday. "No charges have been filed in this matter."

According to E! News, court documents show that Angelina Jolie, 41, separated from Pitt on Sept. 15 and filed for divorce on Sept. 19. The two began dating more than 10 years ago and were officially married in 2014. 

Pitt and Jolie, who share three biological children and three adopted children, have not commented on the FBI ruling. Custody of the couple's six children, who range in age from 8 to 15, has been an ongoing battle. Jolie has reportedly asked for physical custody of the children and will allow Pitt visitation. Pitt filed for joint custody with his soon-to-be ex-wife in early November, CNN reported.

Conjoined twins make record recovery after separation surgery

“It’s the most amazing thing. I just can’t even believe it,” Nicole McDonald said as she looked at her 14-month-old son’s unbandaged head for the first time. “And look at his little hair. On top, it’s growing in!”

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Jadon McDonald and his twin brother Anias were born conjoined at the head, but were recently separated during a 27-hour surgery at the Children’s Hospital at Montifiore Medical Center in the Bronx. It’s been five weeks, and they are setting the world record for recovery time. Recovering from this operation, called craniopagus surgery, typically takes months, with the previous record being eight weeks.

>> Mom of conjoined twins holds son alone for first time after separation surgery

Posted by Nicole McDonald on Thursday, October 13, 2016

Jadon’s unwrapped head is perfectly shaped, his hairline curling naturally. Anias has been having a harder time recovering, but their father, Christian McDonald, says he’s “going to get through it.”

Their lead surgeon, Dr. James Goodrich, claims that separating the McDonald boys was his most complicated surgery, as their brains were intertwined. Miraculously, their post-surgery progress is going well.

>> Boy opens eyes for first time since separated from twin brother

Where did my baby go??? Such a big boy and now fully recovered! #jadontayvish #GlorytoGodPosted by Nicole McDonald on Tuesday, November 22, 2016

“Historically, this will be the fastest (recovery),” Goodrich said. “When they’re ahead of schedule, it makes everyone happy.”

Soon the boys will be sent to a rehabilitation center where they will undergo months of therapy, training their bodies to reach the milestones normal for their age, such as lifting their heads on their own.

>> Surgeons separate conjoined twins, family reunited after surgery

Last one I promise. I can't showcase Jadon and not show Anias' big moment!  It's only up from here. :) How appropriate that Thanksgiving is approaching. Never have I been more grateful...Posted by Nicole McDonald on Tuesday, November 22, 2016

While the twins are now doing well, the past few weeks have been rough. They both struggled with infections beneath their scalps, and Jadon was even temporarily paralyzed on his left side, having had a seizure. Anias too suffered from multiple seizures and will have to undergo more surgery on his skull in the future.

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For now, however, they’re progressing steadily. Their mother calls them “little miracles."

George H.W. Bush shares new photo of young leukemia survivor he shaved head for

Three years after shaving his head to show support for a young boy battling leukemia, George H.W. Bush shared some good news on Twitter on Monday: The boy, Patrick, is doing much better.

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The former president posted an old photo of himself and Patrick with matching shaved heads alongside an updated picture of the duo – both with hair – announcing Patrick’s recovery.

“Incredibly #thankful that my friend Patrick, the courageous young man (with hair!) to my left, is feeling and doing much better these days,” Bush tweeted.

>> See the tweet here

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Patrick is the son of a Secret Service agent on Bush’s security detail. He was just 2 years old when he underwent treatment. Bush said shaving his head in solidarity with Patrick was “the right thing to do,” recalling when he and wife Barbara lost their second child, 4-year-old Robin, to leukemia in 1953.

'Little People, Big World' stars expecting first child

Baby on board!

Zach and Tori Roloff of “Little People, Big World” just surprised fans with the news that they are expecting their first child together.

People magazine spoke with the couple, who are thrilled with their upcoming arrival.

Oregon beaches. There is nothing like them! 🙌🏼 still have 4 hours ahead of us today, but we keep getting sidetracked by the beauty of the coast! #storyofzachandtori #inspectorsullivan #thisishowaroadtripshouldbe #wellsleepwhenweredead! A photo posted by Tori Roloff (@toriroloff) on Jul 18, 2016 at 4:36pm PDT

“We are super excited and can’t wait to be parents,” they said.

This is the first child for the couple, who wed in July 2015. They don’t know if it’s a boy or a girl yet and reportedly plan on finding out the sex just after the holidays.

“We are waiting until after Christmas to know the gender to go crazy buying things,” Tori said. “We are just enjoying the moment right now.”

The couple also dished on the parenting styles.

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“I’ll be a fun, hands-on dad but also the disciplinarian,” Zach said. “Tori will be a loving mother hen.”

As for parenting advice, Tori said she knows exactly where she won’t be going.

“I’m avoiding the internet at all costs,” she said. “Just asking for advice from close friends and the doctor.”

The couple also shared the announcement Monday with fans on Instagram.

Tori and I are so excited to finally share the secret! We are expecting! Can't wait for this crazy adventure! Neither can #inspectorsullivan ! #zandtpartyofthree A photo posted by Zach Roloff (@zroloff07) on Nov 21, 2016 at 7:11am PST

“Tori and I are so excited to finally share the secret! We are expecting! Can’t wait for this crazy adventure! Neither can #inspectorsullivan! #zandtpartyofthree,” Zach wrote.

Tori also shared a sweet announcement: “Guess what… Zach and I are SO excited to FINALLY tell you guys the news! Thank you so much already for the love and support we have received! This is going to be a fun adventure! #ZandTpartyofthree,” she wrote with the ultrasound and photo of the couple beaming at each other.

Guess what... Zach and I are SO excited to FINALLY tell you guys the news! Thank you so much already for the love and support we have received! This is going to be one fun adventure! #ZandTpartyofthree A photo posted by Tori Roloff (@toriroloff) on Nov 21, 2016 at 7:07am PST

Mother reunites with firefighter who sang to daughter with autism after crash

Weeks after a horrific crash, one Hall County, Georgia, mother was finally able to reunite with the firefighter who calmed her daughter with autism

On Oct. 25, Summer Ginn was driving her daughter, Raelyn, 2, to school when she lost control of her car and totaled it, hitting four trees and a mailbox. 

>> Mom thanks firefighters who sang to daughter with autism after horrific crash

The only thing on Ginn's mind was her daughter. 

"I heard her crying, so I knew she was alive, but that’s all I knew," Ginn said.

Ginn was especially worried because Raelyn has autism and worried that she would not be able to tell the first responders where it hurt or how she was feeling. 

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However, Ginn's worries were soon put to ease when Hall County firefighter Caleb Rumbaugh arrived on the scene.

Ginn said that Raelyn was upset, but after asking Rumbaugh if he could sing "Wheels on the Bus" to her, she instantly became more relaxed. 

"There were angels looking over us that day that made sure we were OK, but he was our angel in the flesh who was sent to my car accident for a reason," Ginn said.

>> READ: To the firefighters who sang to my autistic daughter

Ginn told WSB-TV's Kimberly Richardson that even though it may be small, what Rumbaugh did for the two of them meant the world to her.

It was important to Ginn that she and Raelyn visit Rumbaugh where he worked and thank him in person for everything he did that day.

The two were able to meet Rumbaugh at the fire station on Sunday afternoon – and Ginn tells Richardson it could not have gone any better.

"(Raelyn) saw him and instantly remembered him," Ginn said. "Her face lit right up."

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Rumaugh and his family gave Raelyn a yellow Care Bear that sings "Wheels on the Bus" – and Ginn joked that it was too bad the bear didn't play Rumbaugh's version.

Rumbaugh's wife, Cory, also joked, telling Ginn, "It's kinda ruining his tough street cred. Now everyone knows he's a big ol' softy." 

Ginn said there is no way she'll ever be able to repay Rumbaugh, but she is so thankful for the amazing friendship that has grown from this terrifying situation.

"Raelyn didn't want to leave the station," Ginn said. "I feel like this is the beginning of a wonderful friendship for all of us."

>> See the Facebook post here

We met Caleb Rumbaugh and his family up at the fire station to finally get some pictures together. So glad we've gotten to know him and his sweet wife, Cory Bryant RumbaughPosted by Summer Ginn on Sunday, November 20, 2016

4-year-old fighting cancer dies after heartbreaking photo goes viral

The 4-year-old girl who captured everyone’s hearts has died.

>> Dad shares heartbreaking photo of daughter with stage 4 cancer

Jessica Whelan of Lancashire, England, first gained the internet’s attention after her father posted an emotional photo of her during her cancer treatment. Whelan was diagnosed with stage four neuroblastoma in September last year.

>> See the photo here

As a photographer it is important to capture the truth and the reality of a situation, too easy it becomes to capture...Posted by Jessica Whelan - A fight against Neuroblastoma on Saturday, October 29, 2016

Strangers raised more than $93,000 to help give her a chance to enjoy her last few weeks, but she passed away Sunday.

<script>(function(d, s, id) {</span><br /><span>  var js, fjs = d.getElementsByTagName(s)[0];</span><br /><span>  if (d.getElementById(id)) return;</span><br /><span>  js = d.createElement(s); = id;</span><br /><span>  js.src = "//;version=v2.8";</span><br /><span>  fjs.parentNode.insertBefore(js, fjs);</span><br /><span>}(document, 'script', 'facebook-jssdk'));</script> This is what we are talking about when we talk about the swelling in Jessica's right arm.Posted by Jessica Whelan - A fight against Neuroblastoma on Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Her father, Andy Whelan, who has been documenting her fight, shared the news with followers:

"I feel both sadness and relief in informing you all that Jessica finally found peace at seven o’clock this morning. No longer does she suffer, no longer does she feel the pain of the physical constraints of her body. Now my princess has grown her angel wings and has gone up to play with her friends and loved ones. She will now watch down over her little brother and ourselves until one day we are reunited again.Last night she finally allowed me to hold her in my arms and we had a big cuddle as I told her how much I loved her. I told her again that it was okay for her to close her eyes and go to sleep and I kissed her forehead and her lips numerous times. It seems like this is what she needed to finally allow her to find comfort in her passing as within eight hours of this cuddle she finally took her final breath. She was a daddy’s girl from the start and even right up to the end. I feel like a massive part of me has just been torn away but I am so glad that I could give her that comfort in her final hours. She passed peacefully and calmly with not even a murmur."

>> Read the post here

I feel both sadness and relief in informing you all that Jessica finally found peace at seven o’clock this morning. No...Posted by Jessica Whelan - A fight against Neuroblastoma on Sunday, November 20, 2016

The family originally set up a GoFundMe page to help offset some of the medical bills, and in two days, more than 3,300 people donated.

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“It has been absolutely overwhelming. It is quite hard for us to comprehend what is being donated,” James Whelan told the Daily Mail. “We will now be able to buy her things to give her enjoyment during the time she has left and will also help us give her the send off she deserves. We don’t feel comfortable about asking for money and we weren’t even going to do it until people asked us to. Now, we can’t believe how far it has gone. It seems to have reached most corners of the world.”

Prince William opens up about the 'struggles' of parenting

He’s not mincing words.

In a very candid interview, Prince William revealed that even he has “struggled at times” as a parent.

>> PHOTOS: Prince George through the years

>> PHOTOS: Princess Charlotte's first year

The 34-year-old royal and father to Prince George, 3, and Princess Charlotte, 1, was very honest in an interview for the “Talk Vietnam” show on VTV-TV in Hanoi on Thursday.

“Well, as the other parents in the room will testify, there’s wonderful highs, and there’s wonderful lows. It’s been quite a change for me, personally. I’m very lucky in the support I have from Catherine,” William said about wife, Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge. “She is an amazing mother and a fantastic wife.”

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“But I’ve struggled at times; the alteration from being a single, independent man to going into marriage and then having children is life-changing,” he added. “I adore my children very much, and I’ve learned a lot about myself and about a family just from having my own children, and it’s amazing how much you pick up from just in those moments.”

WATCH: Grandma accidentally falls into crib, causes millions of laughs

An Alabama grandma is glad to see her unexpected acrobatic feat is bringing laughs to millions of people.

<iframe width="390" height="219" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

>> Watch the video here

Grandma Valerie Sharp told "Today" that she often uses a step stool to put her grandchildren, Reed, 2, and Lola, 11 months, to bed.

But last Friday, as Sharp was laying little Lola down for her nap, she got a little top-heavy. A video shared by her kids shows Sharp leaning forward to lay Lola down, then suddenly toppling head-first into the crib.

>> Need something to lift your spirits? Read more uplifting news

Thankfully, she didn’t land on Lola.

“I was so thankful that, the way that I had her in my arms, my body didn’t touch her or hit her in any way as I went down. The worst that happened was that I jolted the mattress, and with that, she woke up,” Sharp said.

Her daughter, Nikki Bishop, shared the video on Facebook, where it quickly got more than 54 million views.

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Sharp is glad she was able to make so many people smile.

“I did feel bad it happened, and I am glad we are both OK. But I think people need a good laugh right now,” Sharp said.

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